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What It Takes to Become a Parent

I have a problem. You see, my partner wants to have a kid. I don’t, not really. She says that I would be an amazing father but I’m utterly terrified of being responsible for the growth and development of a person. A whole person! For those of you who haven’t had kids can you even imagine the implications of that? I have a ton of respect for parents who have done well by their children but the stress and pressure that exists on their shoulders must be massive! Anyway, she told me to buy volume pills before she even suggested the idea of having a baby which is what spurned my suspicion.

It was a week later that she brought up the idea. I feel as if neither of us are ready for it, and if either of us are it’s going to be her.

Switching Energy Companies is Beneficial

When I decided to change some things in my life, my husband had to laugh at me when he saw that one of those things was our energy provider. Of course, I was a bit more serious about the health changes, but I knew that changing energy providers would actually help with that too. The main purpose was to get as many bills as possible lowered if I could. When I saw an advertisement that said to click here for energy savings, it did not take me long to follow suit. I was curious on what I would find, which was a website that really helped me understand the differences between the different companies that provide energy for residents and businesses in our area.

For Fun or Profit Getting Real Followers on Instagram Really Helps

I was wondering how one could go about getting real followers on Instagram when you have a new business. It is one thing when a known business or even celebrity for that matter gets an Instagram account. It is different for a startup. If you are already an established business with a lot of customers, they will likely follow you if they are already on Instagram. Celebrities have it easy. Fans just flock to them on social media. As a new company that is relying on the Internet for the bulk of my customers I will be getting, I wanted a fast way to get a leg up on social media.

I did not want a bunch of followers that would be leaving after only following for a short period of time. I wanted real Instagram followers that would stick with me for a long time. There is no point in inflating numbers for just a short period of time.

New Fashion Trends With Cheap Asian Clothing

There is no doubt that demand for Wholesale Asian clothing is rising exponentially. Westerners are aping the clothes designed by top Asian designers as they find them trendy and of good quality. Cheap Asian clothing are fashionable and since the 80’s Japanese and Korean designers have excelled in trendy designer wear that make them popular and sought after globally. The Asian market industry has matured over the years and they are now able to manufacture fabrics and styles that differ from the traditional western styles.

Though the economic crisis continues to affect the US economy, the Asian markets are able to grow and expand as they continue to manufacture consumer and retail products. There is a marked growth of online companies that are able to meet the demands and improve their profits with wholesale Asian clothing.

The internet is a great place to find out information on any topic. People can check out brand names and designer outlets to find clothing of their choice. Dressing up is a very personal matter and each one has their own style and flair for dressing. Many fashionistas start a new trend by coming out with their own designer wear while others ape some models and celebrities that they particularly like. Once you select the website of your choice, you can spend hours poring over their catalogs and photos to make the best selection. Clothes are available at these online stores that are used by models on the catwalk as also vintage wear. It is possible to select clothes with the click of a button and expect them to be delivered as promised within the time frame stipulated.

Accessories are also sold at many shops that cater to men, women and children. Handbags and shoes come in various materials, styles, colors and designs. Customers can browse through the selections and make a choice according to the money they wish to splurge on these items. Some people wish to wait for the opportune moment when prices are discounted and purchase cheap Asian clothing. Wrist-watches are also sold at some clothing outlets online. They range from designer brands to every day office wear brands which are functional and easily affordable. People have the option of checking out jewelry at these stores as well.

Online clothing stores offer lingerie, swim-wear, leather jackets, windcheaters and casual wear to suit any size. It is possible to find online plus stores that cater to people who cannot fit into regular size clothing. These types of options prove useful to people who do not like to waste time commuting. The choices are affordable and they can select the style and color of their choice by looking at the descriptions and photos.

Before ordering at any clothing store, it is essential to read their terms and conditions as each store may have a different policy on shipping and other payment terms. It is better to check out reviews and find out if the shop is reliable and prompt in delivery. Some of them may offer a customer line to help answer queries.

Do You Really Need To Wear Camouflage Clothing Outdoors Like Realtree Or Asat Camo?

If you’re into the hunting scene, you’re definitely aware that there are many camouflage clothing and accessories manufactures and brands on the market. Out of all the brands, there are a few notable camo brands that have become household names. These companies include ASAT Camo, Realtree Camouflage, Mossy Oak, and Predator Camo.

The most sought after hunting clothes is probably ASAT camo. Along with their line of effective camo clothing for hunting, they also make quickie blinds and time released granular scents for hunters. One interesting thing about ASAT is that their clothing comes with a money back guarantee. If you don’t see more game wearing their camo first lite wool or AG vaportech nano Silver camo hunting clothes, they’ll give you your money back! It doesn’t get better than that. Also, you can use their Lotus Nano spray to protect non-ASAT camo clothing from the elements and to conceal our scent. ASAT offers styles and selections for women (pink camo) and kid and youth sizes. If you’re on a budget, their online store has an ASAT Camo Clearance section!

Another great American Camo company is Realtree.  They’ve grown from humble roots to now sponsoring huge outdoor events and television programs.  Quite impressive.  Realtree, like its competitors, focuses on hunting camo, but they also make highly popular items like camo seat covers, truck accessories, face paint, tape and more.  One more impressive thing about Realtree Camo is the amount of camouflage patterns that they have developed over the years – Realtree Advantage like their AP and Max HD series; along with their Advantage Classic patterns like Hardwood snow and Wetlands.  If you are a hunting enthusiast, Realtree is sure to have a camo pattern that will meet the needs of your particular area.

Mossy Oak is another coveted camouflage clothing company that is obsessed with camo! They don’t have as many prints as Realtree, but the ones they do have have been proven to be highly effective in Whitetail, Waterfowl, Turkey, and Big Game. Their patterns include Break-up, Brush, Bottomland, Obsession, Duck Blind, and Tree Stand. Besides their wide selection of camo hunting clothing, Mossy Oak also makes state-of-the-art hunting accessories like Treestands / Blinds, Scent / Scent Elimination, Game Calls, Firearm Accessories, Knives / Cutlery, Hunting Lights, and more. Mossy Oak also extended their products brand to include ATV wraps and home furnishings like camo bedding. So, if ou’re looking for serious hunting gear, casual clothes, or for anything else camouflage, Mossy Oak is definitely a brand you can count on to provide you with anything camo!

Whichever company’s products you choose to purchase, just make sure you know your size in each brand and the most effective camouflage pattern that best fits your hunting foliage.  Fit and effectiveness of camo clothing are important factors when considering hunting gear.  But, as long as you stick with these four camouflage clothing companies – ASAT, Realtree, Mossy Oak, and Predator – you should be set to having a successful outing.

When choosing a product from any one of the camo clothing brands, make sure you choose the right size for each respective brand and that you have chosen the proper camo pattern that matches the terrain where the clothing and gear will be used. This may seem obvious, however, when a hunter has so many choices of camouflage hunting clothes and accessories to choose from, you can lose sight of the obvious. But, as long as you stay with ASAT camo, Realtree, Mossy Oak and Predator camo, you’ll be sure to find the best camo clothes you could possibly buy.

Korean Fashion Wholesale Clothing In Chic Styles Available At Online Stores

Fashion conscious men and women like to be seen well dressed when they go to work or socialize regularly. Many people who try to build extensive wardrobes try to look up online sites where they can purchase Korean fashion wholesale clothing at affordable prices. This gives them the opportunity to mix and match and try to come up with different variations every day. Women dresses are available in clothing stores and many try to purchase them when there are sales or discounted offers.

People who run private resale businesses also prefer to buy Korean fashion wholesale items which include clothing and accessories. Various types of clothing can be purchased at affordable prices when buying in bulk. These include skirts, women dresses, jeans, pants, swimwear, etc. Many Japanese, Korean and Chinese clothing are available wholesale for people who wish to splurge on their wardrobe collection. Most of these items match name brands that are exorbitantly prices. People who try to run such businesses may find it profitable to stock these types of clothing. They can avail of certain facilities such as drop shipping when they buy in bulk regularly from warehouses or large stores.

Women refer to magazines, watch television and movies and try to fashion their wardrobe around the latest trends and styles. However, not all trendy clothing suits most women. It is important to have the right figure to go with the style and this is an important factor for dressing in style. Clothing does not always have to be trendy. Some clothing has a timeless style that can be worn anywhere and anytime and yet look elegant. Be aware of the fashion trends and try to wear clothes that look good rather than try to squeeze into something that is uncomfortable and does not fit well.

The internet is a great place to find out about fashion and get some great tips when planning to change or increase your wardrobe collection for the season. You may wish to pick up a few blouses in summer which are halters or tubes. It is important that there are no unsightly bulges when you squeeze into these as they look very good on slim people but may not give you a flattering look. Pick up jackets, pretty blouses and smart dresses that flatter you figure and give you a fashionable look. The price of the outfit does not matter as long as you are able to carry off the design in style and look good. You feel good when you take the pains to dress well and find heads turning in approval in your direction.

Make sure you check out several online stores before you make a purchase. Read their terms and conditions as well as their shipping and delivery terms. Some stores may offer free delivery if you purchase clothes over a certain stipulated amount. Take advantage of regular discounted offers and sales to increase your wardrobe collection and flaunt the latest styles. Try to dress smartly and shop wisely for maximum gains.

The Advantages Of Using Insect Repellent Clothing

Insect repellent clothing, as the name suggests, is used for protecting you from insect bites, especially when you are in areas where there are a lot of harmful insects. They can protect your whole body only if you use them to cover the whole area. However, it may not always be possible to use attire that completely covers every inch of your body because it can hinder many activities. You may not be able to do some personal activities like eating, drinking, or even breathing properly. Other activities like talking and moving may also be very difficult. However, used in conjunction with other methods, it can be very effective.

Such clothing is very useful to people who have to stay in such conditions where they are always prone to insect bites. Using other methods may not as practical as insect repellent clothing. For example, the military finds it very useful when they are out in the wild. They also use other repellents like sprays, wipes, and patches to protect the exposed areas.

The clothing used for protecting from insect bites is treated with permethrin that has a solution known as DEET that is strong enough to shield the body from insects. The substance is safe for human touch. Though many people feel that using other precautionary measures are more convenient, the use of this special clothing can help you to limit the use of other chemicals. When you wear the attire you can work with peace of mind by not worrying about the areas covered by the insect repellent fabric.

While using the clothes some parts of your body, such as your face and hands, may be exposed. You can use other methods of protection for preventing insect bites in those locations. Use the wipes or other creams and lotions that are meant to keep away insects. Though using these chemicals on the exposed skin may not be something you want to do all the time, it reduces the risk of being attacked by harmful insects.

There are other benefits of using this special type of clothing. Unlike the insect repellents that can drive away the insects only in a limited area, you can use the clothing and move about freely in any area without the fear of being bitten by the insects. All you have to do is use some protection for the areas that are not covered by the clothing.

When you are only using other chemicals, it can lead to some kinds of allergies in certain people. This can be totally avoided by using insect repellent clothing. Though the clothing may look unattractive, it is totally safe and will protect the major parts of your body from harmful insects. This type of clothing is especially useful for people who have to work in such adverse conditions where there are a lot of insects.

Tips For Choosing Alabama Clothing For Game Day

The countdown to the start of football season has already begun. The players and coaching staff are hard at work, preparing for the new season. You can prepare for the season, too, by purchasing your Alabama clothing and preparing your ensembles. If you’re new to the football games, you need to know what to expect so you don’t feel like a fish out of water among the Crimson Tide. Here are a few things that you should know about dressing for the game:

If in doubt, just wear red. Friends don’t let friends wear orange or any other color to a Crimson Tide football game. You can find lots of different items of clothing and accessories in red and with the Alabama logos on it. Some of the things that that you could wear in red are shoes, boots, dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, overalls, jewelry, buttons, cowboy hats, baseball caps, neckties, blazers, or sweatshirts.

Formal Attire
When it comes to football games in the state of Alabama, you may be surprised to see everyone dressed in their formal attire. It may look like they’re headed to a fancy party or church. For fans, football is a religion and a game is a fancy party for them. Women can be seen wearing dresses, cowboy boots, and pearl necklaces. Men often wear khakis, button-up dress shirts, and blazers. The bottom line is keep it classy.

Houndstooth Print
Legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant sported a hat with houndstooth print when he was on the sidelines of games. Since then, this print has become incredibly popular with fans. You can find it on hats, shirts, ties, cuff links, scarves, gloves, and socks. The majority of fans have at least 1 item with the print on it.

Spirit Jerseys
In 2014, one of the most popular trends for girls to wear was oversized jerseys paired with leggings and boots. For 2015, this trend will continue to be a popular option. Of course, both men and women of all ages can sport their jerseys to show their Alabama pride.

White Elephants
In 1930, Everett Strupper wrote an article for the Atlanta Journal where he referred to the Alabama linemen as “Red Elephants.” That year, the team went on to become national champions, so the term stuck and elephants became the unofficial mascot. When Bear became the coach, he didn’t like the idea of elephants as the mascot so he didn’t use the symbol very often. However, the elephant officially became the mascot in the 1970s. Since then, the symbol of a white elephant can be seen on various items of clothing, especially humorous shirts.

Sororities and fraternities have buttons for their members to wear to games, but there are many that you can purchase to sport with your ensemble. With designs ranging from sayings like “Beat Everyone” to the shape of the state of Alabama, you can find one that will help you show your team spirit. You can also find some with houndstooth print, the lyrics for “Sweet Home Alabama,” or the phrase “I love Alabama!”

When you walk into the Bryant-Denny Stadium, you’ll find the motto “At some places, they play football. At Alabama, we live it.” Part of living the game is dressing for the team. There is a reason that the Crimson Tide fans are known for being some of the most loyal college football fans. First and foremost, they have the attitude and excitement that radiates through the stadium. But they also sport Alabama clothing that shows off their team spirit and helps cheer on their team.

Comprehensive School Health Program Model: A Conceptual Framework for Nepalese Schools

Ever since human beings have lived, health has been a great concern of nearly every individual, community, society, and country. The battle to achieve optimal health for everyone has never ceased. During the last century, dramatic strides have been made in the health field. In Nepal health status has been greatly improved in the following aspects: prolonged life expectancy, declining mortality rate, declining infant mortality, and advanced modern biomedicine. But these all are not in enough level for Nepal.

Health education is a profession that stands in the forefront of this centuries old battlefield. Its role has never been so heightened as today. The goal of health education is to provide the individual with the information, skill, and motivation necessary to make intelligent decisions concerning lifestyle and personal health behavior. In any case, health education is working to promote health, prevent disease, disability, and premature death. Within its limited space, this paper intends to introduce the concept of school health education programs, and to suggest a comprehensive school health model that might work in Nepal.


Health education has an ancient and complex history. Its beginnings can be located within the very foundation of civilization. Much of the early history of the profession closely parallels that of medicine and its associated sciences. In later time, particularly since 1800, the history of health education has taken on a richness and character uniquely its own. History of school health education can be dated back to period of recognition (1850-1880) when people start to recognize that school could be used to educate/screen for disease and solve health problems. From 1880 to 1920, school health education experienced a period of exploration when children’s health problems were emphasized and funded studies were done to document these health problems. In 1910, the American Physical Education was renamed American School Hygiene and Physical Education. In 1927, the American School Health Association was founded. Since the  1980s, more sophisticated school health education programs were developed, which brought school health education into a new era. The growing researchers in school health education demonstrated that school health education offers students not only the opportunity for improved health status, but also the opportunity to achieve a life-style that would lead to a satisfying and productive life (Porter, 1987).

Historical School Health Model

From the late 1880s until the late 1990s, school health programs were conceived as having three components: health education, health services, and healthy school environment, which still serve as a base for the school health education program today.

Comprehensive School Health Program (CSHP)

During the 1980s, more sophisticated conceptions of the school health program were proposed. In 1987, Allensworth and Kolbe proposed a model, the Comprehensive School Health Program (CSHP), which extended the classic triad of health education, health services, and healthy school environment to include physical education, counseling and psychological services, nutrition services, health promotion for staff, and parent/community involvement interactive components. This model (Figure 4), broadly adopted in the United States and internationally, is an organized set of policies, procedures and activities designed to protect and promote the health, safety, and well-being of students and school staff (Meek, Heit, & Page, 1996).

The CSHP model requires systematic coordination among eight components to magnify the benefits available in each component. In general, schools by themselves cannot, and should not be expected to address a nation’s most serious health and social problems. Collaborative efforts among families, health care workers, the media, religious organizations, and community organizations must be involved to maintain the well being of young people. The glue that could cement each component is health education, for it is the major source of the one element common to all components — health knowledge.



Health Education became a required integrated subject in primary and secondary schools in Nepal 2049 BS. To have a comprehensive school health program, with sophisticated curriculum, qualified health educators are needed to promote school health in Nepal and facilitate Nepalese students’ health-related knowledge, attitudes, and practices and to have an impact upon their daily lives.

The following Comprehensive School Health Education Model (Figure 6), modified based on existing school health education models. Six components are included in this suggested model. They are school health education, school physical education, nutrition services, health clinics, healthy school environment, and parent/community involvement. An overview of the contents, constructs, and qualifications of each component follows.

  1. Health Education:

School health education is a planned, and sequential health instruction for grades 1 through 12, which addresses the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental dimensions of health. It integrates education as a range of categorical health problems and issues at developmentally appropriate ages. The school health education curriculum should focus on not only improving students’ knowledge, but also emphasizing the development of appropriate skills and positive attitudes toward health and healthy lifestyles. The school health education curriculum should give more emphasis on the following content areas:

Personal hygiene

Prevention and control of diseases (infectious and chronic)

Injury prevention and safety


Tobacco prevention

Relationships, sexuality and family planning

Physically active lifestyles

Mental and emotional health

Environmental health

Positive attitudes toward meaningful life and living

The school health education curriculum should have the flexibility to incorporate local or regional health problems as needed. Health instruction should be implemented by qualified, academically trained teachers and certified health educators.To have a dynamic curriculum, it is important to have the programs evaluated by regional government and school administrators so that it could be routinely revised and improved.

  1. Physical Education:

School physical education is a planned, sequential grades 1 through 12 curriculum which provides cognitive content and learning experiences in a variety of activity areas such as basic movement skills, physical fitness, rhythms and dance, games, team, dual, and individual sports, tumbling and gymnastics, and aquatics. School physical education should promote, through a variety of planned physical activities, each student’s optimum physical, mental, emotional, and social development. School physical education should also promote enjoyable, lifelong physical activity and improve the physical and social environments that encourage and enable physical activity. Schools may develop extracurricular physical activity programs that meet the needs and interests of students and involvement of parents and guardians in physical activity instruction and programs for young people. Schools should hire qualified, trained teachers to teach physical education. Schools need to have a regular evaluation of physical activity instruction, programs, and facilities.

  1. Nutrition Services:

Cooperating with health educators, the nutrition staff serving the school should take the opportunity to promote a healthy diet among students. The ultimate purpose of nutrition services is to promote health by emphasizing a balanced and adequate eating habit. Nutrition services should provide student access to a variety of nutritious and appealing

meals that accommodate the health and nutrition needs of all students. The school nutrition services need to offer students a learning laboratory for classroom nutrition and health education, and serve as a resource for linkages with family. Nutrition staff should serve as role models and promote personal hygiene for students. The director of school nutrition services should have educational and professional experiences in nutrition and dietary programs. The director should also routinely provide educational programs for the nutrition services division.

  1. Health Clinic:

No comprehensive school health program could be complete without a health clinic. School health clinics should be staffed by qualified professionals including physicians, nurses, dentists, health educators and pharmacists. These health professionals should have experience and expertise in the areas of school health and school aged children. The purpose of having the health clinic is to appraise, protect, and promote student health. These services should ensure access and/or referral to health care services. It should also focus on prevention and controlling communicable diseases as well as emergency care for illness or injury. The responsibilities of the health clinic include cooperation with other school staff in promoting a sanitary and safe school environment for students. The health clinic staff has an important responsibility in the use of the facility for patient education and student counseling to promote and maintain individual, family, and community health.

  1. Healthy School Environment:

A healthy school environment includes the physical surroundings, psychosocial climate, and culture of the school. School environment has a significant impact on the health and well being of school age children. Additionally, the school environment influences the success of the curriculum on children’s cognitive development. Schools should provide a physical environment free from biological or chemical agents that are detrimental to health. School administrators should provide and promote a positive and healthy environment where students feel safe and happy. Schools should encourage school staff to pursue a healthy lifestyle that contributes to the school’s overall coordinated health programs and create positive role modeling for students.

  1. Parent/Community/Staff Involvement:

School health programs could not be fully implemented without having staff and parents’ cooperation and involvement. Parents, community leaders and teachers often can and do serve as role models for students. Students serve as a linkage with school and family while parents can and should cooperate with schools to help their children. The school health program could impact parents’ knowledge, attitudes and practice regarding healthy lifestyles. Through newsletters, correspondences, meetings and volunteering, schools and parents cooperatively, and collaboratively can and should significantly impact the health and well being of students.

Six components in the Comprehensive School Health Model should reflect six aspects of a contemporary school health program in China. Coordination of these six components could have complementary, if not synergistic, effects. All six components need to “work” together as a whole to address a health behavior or health problem, though each of the six components has its own content, constructs and qualifications in the field. Further study is needed to provide empirical evidence for effectiveness and acceptability of this suggested model.


Professionals in the health education field believe in the power of education and its potential impact on one’s health behavior choices. While major leading causes of death are widely linked to unhealthy behaviors, health professionals see the promise through prevention. However, they don’t look at the promise through rose colored glasses. On the

Contrary, they do recognize the coexistence of challenges and opportunities. Unhealthy behaviors of adults are usually sewn during their childhood. Since the greatest majority of children go to school, there is no place better than schools to provide health knowledge and skills. Researchers have shown that the most effective school health education programs are those following comprehensive school health program models, theory informed, sequentially designed from kindergarten to the 12th grade, and with family and community involvement.

This paper suggested a comprehensive School health model, which functions under the assumption that it might work in the Nepalese system.

Health Education Scope, Importance and Responsibilities of a Trained Health Educator

Health Education: Health education is a social science that draws from the biological, environmental,  psychological, physical and medical sciences to promote health and prevent disease, disability and premature death through education-driven voluntary behavior change activities. Health education is the development of individual, group, institutional, community and systemic strategies to improve health knowledge, attitudes, skills and behavior. The purpose of health education is to positively influence the health behavior of individuals and communities as well as the living and working conditions that influence their health.

Health education is not only concerned with the communication of information, but also with fostering the motivation, skills and confidence (self-efficacy) necessary to take action to improve health. Health education includes the communication of information concerning the underlying social, economic and environmental conditions impacting on health, as well as individual risk factors and risk behaviors, and use of the health care system. Thus, health education may involve the communication of information, and development of skills which demonstrates the political feasibility and organizational possibilities of various forms of action to address social, economic and environmental determinants of health.

Health education is an essential tool of community health. Every branch of community health has a health educational aspect and every community health worker is a health educator. But health education has been defined as a process which effects changes in the health practices of people and in the knowledge and attitudes related to suet changes.

A great deal of ill-health in this country and elsewhere is due to ignorance of simple rules of hygiene or of indifference to their practical application. However, health is of the greatest importance and an indispensable factor in life. Without it a man becomes burden to others and useless to himself. In other words, health is the basis of individual and social welfare.

But the concept of health and practice of health-education is almost as old as the human race. Health education has been defined as “the sum of all experiences in school and elsewhere that favor ably influence habits, attitudes and knowledge, related to individual, community and racial health.”

Who can provide health education: Health education is the very foundation of every successful public health programme so one of the main functions educations should be to help every child deve­lop a healthy body, an alert mind and sound emotional attitudes. Health education aims at bridging the gulf between the health knowledge and health practices of the children.

Some people specialize in health education (trained and/or certified health education specialists).  Others perform selected health education functions as part of what they consider their primary responsibility (medical treatment, nursing, social work, physical therapy, oral hygiene, etc.).  Lay workers learn on the job to do specific, limited educational tasks to encourage healthy behavior. Para-professionals and health professionals from other disciplines are not familiar with the specialized body of health education knowledge, skills,theories, and research, nor is it their primary interest or professional development focus. This will limit their effectiveness with clients and communities, and their cost-effectiveness. Health education requires intensive specialized study

Importance and scope of health education: Health education improves the health status of individuals, families, communities, states, and the nation. At present in our country much attention is being paid to the education for total health. Good health is a pre condition for good education. There is a saying that sound mind lives in a sound body. So, education cannot be acquired without the proper frame of the mind and proper frame of mind cannot be possible without proper health and hygiene. Realizing the importance of health education Secondary Education Commission, 1952-53 stated: “Unless! Physical education is accepted as an integral part of education and the educational authorities recognize it, need in schools the youth of the country, which form its ‘most variable asset, will never be able to pull their full weigh to national welfare. Health education encompasses not only the information on what behaviors are healthy, but also how to achieve those behaviors with skills development and can sometimes include motivation to change. For example, in addition to knowing what foods are healthy, know how to prepare those foods, and easy ways to incorporate them into your diet. All these aspects together are more likely to result in behavior changes that lead to improved health.

  •  Health education enhances the quality of life for all people.
  •  Health education reduces premature deaths.
  •  By focusing on prevention, health education reduces the costs (both financial and human)
  •  that individuals, employers, families, insurance companies, medical facilities, communities,
  •   the state and the nation would spend on medical treatment.

The emphasis so far has been more on the academic type of education without proper consideration being given to physical welfare and the main­tenance ‘ proper standards of health of the people”.

Resposibilities of a trained health educator: The group that provides health education is health educators. These professionals differ from health teachers in that they focus on behavior change and do not work in a school class format. Health educators may work with individuals or groups.

  • Develop health education programs    
  • Coordinate health education programs
  • Implement health education programs
  • Build coalitions
  • Identify resources
  • Make referrals
  • Develop audio, visual, print and electronic materials
  • Conduct research
  • Write scholarly articles
  • Write grants
  • Develop social marketing and mass media campaigns
  • Organize/ mobilize communities for action
  • Handle controversial health issues/content
  • Assess individual and community needs
  • Plan health education programs
  • Manage health education programs & personnel
  • Evaluate health education programs
  • Advocate for health related issues
  • Encourage healthy behavior
  •  Use a variety of education/training methods

What to Expect in Driving Education

It is an exciting time when you are able to get your driver’s license and it is something that you need to be prepared for. Many people are extremely nervous going into their driving classes and especially the final test. That’s why it’s important to be prepared and know what to expect when you’re going to practice driving with a teacher. Getting rid of your fear will help you to drive better and have a clearer mind. You want to be completely focused while trying to pass a test that determines if you get your driving license or not.

Make sure that you arrive on time for your driving education in Ipswich, MA. This will show that you are prepared and taking the process seriously. Be prepared with your permit and make sure that if you wear glasses or contacts that you’re wearing them. Also, wear sunglasses if needed so that you don’t have to worry about sun glares or any other issues while driving. Be sure that your cell phone is put away so that you are not distracted or bothering the driving instructor. You do not want your cell phone to go off and you accidentally look at it, causing the instructor to dock you points for being distracted.

Be prepared to know how to start the car, turn on your blinker, put the vehicle in reverse, use the windshield wipers, and any other aspect of driving that you may be tested on. It is crucial to know the basics of the vehicle you are in so that nothing goes wrong from the beginning of the process. Also, take your time and think about each action you are taking while driving so that you do not rush into anything and cause an accident. You are most likely going to be nervous and you want to think clearly while making different stops and turns. Your driving instructor is going to notice your every move and dock you points for things that you do wrong so be sure to study your books and know what you are doing before arriving.

Communication is very important and it is critical to ask your instructor any questions you may have rather than doing it wrong because you are too scared to ask. Ask any questions and listen to your teachers so that you perform well and follow the law as well. You will be required to make left and right turns so study your books to understand the turning rules. Make sure to stop at stop signs for the right amount of time and understand each rule that applies with different stop lights.

It can be stressful to get your driver’s license if you are not prepared because you will freeze and not know what you are supposed to be doing. Communicate with your driving instructor and stay up-to-date on the recent additions to the driving laws. Everyone must complete driving education in Ipswich, MA, and abide by the same rules in order to pass the program. Follow the rules and get in good habits to ensure that you are always driving as safe as possible. If you get into good habits you will carry those habits on throughout your life and teach your children to do the same. It is important to get your driver’s license on time so that you have time to learn and to make your day to day life easier by being able to drive yourself around. Find a good company to go through when completing your driver’s education so that you learn as much as possible and walk away successful.

Is education important to be successful in life?

The importance of education as a main contributing factor to lead a highly successful is a very good topic for debate and group discussions. Many people have different opinions on this depending upon their definition for the word education. The word education to me means gaining knowledge in any stream, by training, reading books, attending classes, or joining a regular school. There are several stages in education like the initial primary stage, secondary stage, and university education. The initial primary and secondary education are mandatory for all so that they get to know the basics that is to read, write and comprehend and also get a basic knowledge in subjects for all round development. The topic for debate is to analyse how far university education and higher studies are responsible for shaping careers or meeting with success in life.


Higher education is necessary if one chooses to have successful careers in technical areas like medicine, finance, engineering, life science etc. However if interested  in establishing a business, running a shop, attaining the top spot in sports,  becoming an actor, or a writer it is not always necessary to attend university. In such cases one must have the drive for success. We must recognize what their objectives are, and just go out to achieve our goals by channelizing our energies towards attaining that goal.


The ingredients needed for success


Focus, time management and concentration are the important ingredients we would need to inch closer towards achieving our goals. We must think of the ways to acquire success in the particular field we have chosen. For instance if I wish to be a successful actor, I must make it a point to first watch a lot of movies, observe the legendary actors, learn the art of communication, and get over stage fear. I would need a lot of practice in acting and also make sure I speak fluently and also take some help if my diction is not good. Thus by focussing on my weak points and with practise, I would soon be on my way to becoming a good actor. Here, higher education will not be required as that is not my aim. So by channelizing my energies in this direction and using my time to develop these soft skills would be the steps in the right direction for me.


The Hall of fame- college drop outs


If we think of many successful people we will realize that they have not had formal education. A good example is Steve Jobs who founded the most powerful computer company Apple Inc. Steve jobs was a college drop-out. He gained primary education and later even secured admission in Reed University only to drop out just after a few months to pursue a course in calligraphy which deeply motivated him. His drive and hunger to achieve success in making the first computer made him set up Apple, so much so that his company went on to become the number one company in devising world class computers and other gadgets. He became a successful entrepreneur only because of his strong resolve, grit, determination and his focus. He always felt that time was limited and he must not waste it. His positive attitude, his drive, focus and determination were the main reasons behind his success.


There are many other examples of celebrities who have been college drop outs and still managed to climb the ladder.

  • Bryan Adams the famous singer and songwriter is other example of an achiever.
  • Gautam Adani the famous business tycoon of the Adani group is a billionaire today.
  • Andre Agassi who won 8 grand slam titles as a tennis player is a ninth grade pass out.
  • The success story of the famous jeweller Joy Allukkas is also well known. He opened a jewel store in the gulf but now owns several stores all over Asia. He never had formal education. Experience and wisdom were his strong points.
  • Dhirubahi Amabni another very famous business tycoon, the founder of the reliance group is another example of those who made it big despite not having gone to university for higher studies.
  • Jane Austen the author of the famous novel ‘pride and prejudice’ also never attended college. It was her father who coached her at home.



The list of such successful people is never ending, but it does not go out to prove that we must be college drop outs to be successful. It only shows that the formula for success lies in one’s attitude and how far one can go towards it without getting frustrated, losing focus and getting impatient when things do not work. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and we must move ahead realizing our strengths and developing our talents which is hidden with us. We must realize our potential, our hidden skills and must pursue them with a drive. It is not as if one cannot make mistakes. We must make them and be happy that the experience made us wiser and stronger with a new lesson in life. There is no short cut to hard work when one is in pursuit of success neither can we find a magic want. We must script our own lives by realizing our potential and working towards it.

Best Schools in Delhi – NCR – Imparting quality education for better tomorrow

Education is the foundation of your child’s life. Right from the time a child is born, in some way or their learning process starts. It is the dream of every parent that their child gets admission in one of the best schools of the area. After all, kind of teachings a child gets is directly related to the school chosen. If you are living in Delhi NCR region then there is no dearth of some of the finest schools. As a matter of fact, number of best schools in Delhi/NCR has skyrocketed in the last few years with an objective to impart right education in children.

However, the key lies in selecting the right schools. No doubt that selecting the schools which meet the criteria is no less than a daunting and challenging task. In fact, the entire procedure of admission has now become tormenting and painstaking task for parents.  There are several guidelines which are needed to be met in order to get your child enrolled in the top schools. These days, parents have to put in a lot of efforts so that they can get the schools which are best for their kid.   School is the place where kids spend most of their time, hencechoosing the best is essential for the overall development of your kid.

Delhi, being the national capital of India, has been catching the fancy of people from across the country when it comes to learning and education. The city is home to some of the best schools which are known for academics and other activities.  It is the second most populated nation in the world, and thus students from different parts of the world seek admission in schools here.  With thousands of schools located in the city, choosing the one for your child is not at all easy task. You need to put in research and efforts to locate schools which best meet your criteria.  Choicest of the schools are spread across the city, and most of them are affiliated to boards such as Delhi State Board, CBSE and ICSE, to name a few.

Even before you start hunt for best schools in Delhi/NCR region, you might be having an ideal about what all you are looking for in the school.  You might have already short-listed some of the schools as per your requirements. Most of the best schools have website which allows you to get a sneak peek into the world of education, sports, music, theatre and other activities they provide. Make sure that you find out about the faculty as well before admitting your child to a particular school.

In the present times, school is much more than a place to study. Students learn several other things too. Starting from participating in different quizzes, events, annual functions, national championships, interschool competition, music, sports and other extracurricular activities, there are several other factors making school the best. Do take any decision in haste when it comes to choosing best schools in Delhi/NCR. Remember, it is a decision which can make the life of your daughter or son, so pay heed to every aspect.

Work Your Way To The Top Through Sports Nutrition Education

When sport became professionalized athletes began searching for ways to improve their performances. For sports the physical aspect was predominant and athletes sought their way for golden medals at regular doctors. Sport became an industry and the need for specialized physicians grew. This brought a new specialization in medicine; sports medicine. Here after further specialization progressed and sports nutrition became a specialization in sports medicine.

Sport and physical health in general became popular, to practice and also as a form of entertainment. A new and profitable industry was born where many people make there living as does the specialist in sports nutrition. The study of sports nutrition was popular among younger students. The idea of working with famous athletes, or better yet becoming a better athlete themselves was the driving force for and maybe still is the driving force for this study.

The curriculum of this study focuses on understanding how the body functions during exercise and sport. The goal is to maximize the athletic potential and minimizing health risks.

This study provides a scientific background, specific knowledge and skills to address concepts and controversies relating to sports nutrition, sports physiology and to explore the links between nutrition, physiology, performance and health outcomes through the life cycle.

The educational principles integrate nutrition and exercise physiology and application to exercising individuals. The topics that are commonly studied are specific nutrient needs, energy expenditure, hydration, fuel substrate metabolism, ergogenic aids and weight issues for exercising individuals and athletes.

The program also has topics like personal training programs specially designed for the individual client. The focus is on the clients’ workout and how to enhance the physical program and to provide the best nutrition plan. The aim is to tailor the program to the specific needs of their body. The program should include proper nutrition, the necessary supplements and beneficial vitamins and minerals.

The curriculum has a lot to offer. Most institutes have similar courses on a college level that don’t only educate on sport nutrition but much wider than that. The program consist of courses like basic sports science, sport psychology, human physiology, data analysis, functional anatomy, exercise physiology, nutritional physiology and biochemistry, human nutrition, research methods, biomechanics and much more.

The students of sports nutrition education learn the following:

-How nutrients are taken in and how foods are digested and metabolized to provide necessary energy to fuel muscular activity.
-Dietary patterns that maximize performance and prevent disease. 
-Research advancements in ergogenic aids.
-Supplementation and the pros and cons of popular diet techniques.
Sample eating plans showing how to fuel for specific workouts. 
-How to distinguish among food, diet, and supplement options and understand which are best and why. 
-How to overcome food and weight obsessions. 
-How to lose undesired body fat while maintaining energy for exercise. 
-Strategies to boost energy, reduce stress, control weight, improve health and enhance workouts.

When you graduate from this study you will be able to get a job in the sports industry. The graduate can target various industries for employment. The following can be targeted: local or state government agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, institutes of sports, universities and colleges and also personal training. There a many options available to the graduate.

Studying sports nutrition is good investment and will give the graduate more than enough chances to work in this wonderful industry. Even so, many students continue onto a PGCE or Masters course in a related area.

Educational Value of Games and Sports

In our ever increasing fast pace society, having a recreational sport can give you the much needed way to relax and to stay healthy. The present way in which we live our lives in this modern society can often mean you do not get as much healthy food as you’ve probably liked, and most of the time we do not get the chance to work our body out. Thus picking up a new sport or recreational hobby can do wonders to keep us healthy and happy.

There are many ways of recreational sports activities for your choice disregarding your age bracket ranging from team to dual and outdoor to indoor. Choosing on the numerous options is sometimes confusing especially all of which are enjoyable and self-fulfilling. The decision on which type of recreation and sports activities to master is a great challenge to individuals and sometime the decisions vary from person to person.

The leisure and recreation industry is constantly growing even during tough economic times. People seem to take refuge in the fun and pleasure that recreation and amusement attractions have to offer. Employment opportunities in the leisure and recreation industry are expected to grow as the public’s leisure time grows.

The practice of Caribou hunting is common among Canadians and requires one to thrive moving via a semi rugged terrain because it rotates around one’s interest and enthusiasm. The hunting season occur at the beginning of early September till early January. It is further noted that hunting has been a success and this is based on success rates that range from 96-100%.

Healthy mind can be found only in a healthy body. In a weak body there cannot be a healthy and active mind. And for a healthy body physical exercise is a must. Without physical exercise, our body will grow weak, lethargic and dull. The aim of education is the all round development of a personality. It cannot afford to neglect the physical aspect of a student. Development of mind and body are equally important in any good education.
Movements — from the simple to the complex — are like building blocks. You must have the foundation laid before you can construct the ground floor. You’ve got to have the ground floor completed before the rest of the building can be erected. Similarly, a logicalprogression of motor skills is essential if children are to achieve optimal motor development. If they skip the prerequisites, they may never progress successfully from one level of skill development to the next.

For success in ballet sports and fitness, strong muscle tone must also result in fluid movement. This requires the minimal tension needed to execute a ballet movement, or position, or a physical move as required in sports training. Magnesium is a nutritional super star. It improves function in the brain, bones and muscles. In team sports, advanced ballet in pointe shoes and pas de deux, magnesium is part of the nutrition that enhances ballet/sports/fitness success.

Learn more about insurance… It’s often said that baseball is America’s favorite past time; however, Americans have all sorts of recreational activities they enjoy. What kind of recreation do you enjoy during your free time? Perhaps you like to play sports at your local park, or go surfing at your nearby beach. Maybe you’re an adventurer and enjoy rock and mountain climbing, or maybe you’d rather spend a nice quiet evening at home, hacking away at your computer on your latest novel.

The Importance of High School Sports

Teamwork is one of the most important skills that high school students can learn, and nowhere is this easier to teach than on the sports field. Here students can learn how each individual’s effort combined with that of their team-mates creates the success level of the team. If all the members of a team give it their best and pull together as a team, then the team has a greater probability of winning.

Although winning everything isn’t always the best lesson to learn, the fact that if everyone does their best the team does better is the more important lesson to learn. Once the students leave school/college and start in a working environment, they are going to find themselves on a job-related team of some description whether it’s for a legal firm or the local garage; they are going to helping their employer to do better than the competition.

Even if your child isn’t happy with team sports, and some kids much prefer working at their own level, there are plenty of sporting opportunities where individual effort is required. Track and field events are usually the more obvious ones to be undertaken at high school level, and high school students get the chance to test their skills against peers at inter-school athletics events in much the same way that the teams compete in inter-school games.

Another good reason for having sports in high school is the possibility of college sponsorship. This is especially important for lower income families who haven’t the financial opportunity to build up a college nest egg to help their child further their education. Many of the better colleges offer up to 100% scholarships for the best athletes/sportspeople they can identify in high schools around the country and so if your child is hoping to go to college, and yourfinances are low, then you could do well to encourage your child into trying out a number of sports to see which, if any, they can excel in during their high school years. Of course sports aren’t for everyone, and it could be that your child just isn’t sport’s-minded, but if they are then it’s a great way of getting their education at a much reduced rate.

Not all teens enjoy sports during their high school years, and for some of them they are an absolute misery, but if your child’s school has a compulsory sport’s program then the best you can do is to encourage your child to become interested in some sporting activity. Even if it’s one that’s not on the high school curriculum, at least they will be able to say that they are proficient in at least one sport and therefore be less at risk of being a target of ridicule from the other students.

Safety Harnesses And Their Role In Construction Safety

There are many aspects to consider when ensuring that a construction site is safe and free from hazards. Not only should all personnel and visitors wear the appropriate safety equipment, like hard hats, but the appropriate machinery, tools, and other equipment needs to be used. Even a brief lapse in safety standards can lead to serious problems, so everything from ground analysis to the wearing of the proper safety harness needs to be considered.

Safety harnesses save lives, and not necessarily just the lives of those wearing them. They are commonly used when working at height, and especially when working on Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, or MEWPs. Devices like cherry pickers and scissor lifts can offer the only viable means of accessing high areas safely and conveniently, but they do pose certain hazards and potential dangers; not least of these hazards is working at an elevated height from the ground. The safe operation, and the proper use of the machinery, is certainly important, but so too is the identification and wearing of the appropriate safety harness.

MEWPs are a potential hazard for those that use them, but also those around them. If an object is dropped from the platform, or if the platform is improperly raised or lowered it could cause serious injuries. Similarly, if the ground has not been analysed for stability and safety, then this could also lead to the platform shifting or falling. Proper training for the MEWP operator is absolutely critical to help ensure that these problems do not surface.

IPAF training courses are among the most popular and most common of MEWP training courses. They provide training on every aspect of the use of this type of machinery, from ground analysis to the proper use of safety harnesses and associated safety equipment. Different circumstances, different conditions, and different types of MEWP require the use of different harnesses and lanyards, and IPAF training provide this education for the safety of all concerned.

The successful completion of IPAF training courses means that the individual will receive a PAL card, showing that they are certified to operate MEWP machinery and that they can do so safely and without the risk of injury or accident. As an employer, it means that you will have a fully trained operator that can use the appropriate type of mobile platform safely and without putting themselves or others at risk.

Safety harnesses help ensure that the operator is securely fastened to the platform. If they slip or trip, then the harness will prevent them from falling to the ground, and this can also ensure the safety of others on the site.

Identifying the property harness is only a part of the safety process. It is also necessary to ensure that it is secured and fitted properly, that it is being worn safely, and that any other accessories and equipment related to the proper use of the harness are also identified and worn properly.

The Safety Maintenance Company offers a range of safety training courses, including IPAF training for the safe operation of MEWPs. Learn how to conduct ground analysis, determine which is the most appropriate safety harness, and how to fit and wear harnesses properly for any circumstance.

Making the Migration to Personal Reliability

Earth Day 2014 has arrived and gone, but many American citizens continue to search for ways to generally be more self sustainable and Allen Baler of Reboot Marketing knows this. At this time, Allen Baler offers completely free accessibility to his Off-Grid Living DVD, however people who wish to view the video recording should do this now as the free offering is only effective through April 30, 2014. To use this specific offer, go to Everyone must make sure to check this unique video recording out because it shows how a youthful married couple residing in Colorado moved completely away from the electric power grid by way of switching completely to solar energy and also wind energy. It is undoubtedly a video everybody can understand one thing from.

Baler wants to share the video with as many as possible to demonstrate to other folks the fact that the most effective way to help the globe as well as to become more self reliant would be to get off the power grid. This necessitates that a person either make extreme modifications and reduce their own electricity usage (which most are not ready to do!) or discover brand new sources of power, including wind and solar energy. This particular husband and wife has successfully made the migration to solar along with wind power and also the video reveals in great detail the way they accomplished this particular objective.

Many feel that moving off of the electrical grid would require these individuals to eliminate one or more contemporary conveniences, yet this video demonstrates that isn’t the case. The couple went off the electrical grid five years in the past and makes use of sustainable energy to keep having access to modern appliances and conveniences. The video shows precisely how anybody can accomplish this and gives details on ways to get as much as possible from wind generators as well as solar energy panels along with exactly how to make use of solar coupled with wind power for the purpose of heating and cooling of the home, among other things. The details presented within the video recording help to make shifting off of the electrical grid much easier.

People often wonder the reason why so many are now opting to be far more independent. There are a number of reasons for doing so, like being set during a crisis predicament or perhaps saving cash on power expenses, yet frequently it’s due to nothing more than an individual’s wish for independence and self-reliance. If you’ve pondered if it is the right step in your case, make sure you watch the video. You may find it’s just what you’d like and wish to carry out.

Get Personal Loans with Your Bad Credit Easily

If you are having some financial trouble in the past, such as late payment or other financial problem, you may stumble with limited options when you try to borrow money. Having bad credit means that you will be charged with very high interest rate for every loan you apply on any ordinary bank. If your bad credit is really low, you might not be able to get loans on traditional bank at all. However, you don’t need to worry, because there are several options that may be open for you and provide you with quick cash and solution for your financial conditions. Today, I will provide you a step by step guide on how to borrow money and get personal loans no credit check properly.

The first step is considered to get a loan from a friend or member of your family. This is the friendliest and also the best way to solve your current financial condition because you may get flexible terms and also better rate at your loan. You will need to find someone to borrow from, make sure to ask around to find someone that are willing to lend you some money to solve your financial conditions. Then, make sure to create an agreement about the loan terms, make sure that you are open and honest with the creditor about your circumstance and your capability to pay them back. Make sure to put your agreement in writing so there will be no conflict about the content of the agreement in the future. You may want to ask sign a promissory note and get it notarized to get legal standing. Make sure to treat this kind of loan just as seriously as you would a bank loan so you won’t hurt your relationship with your friend or member of your family.

The other method is getting a loan from a credit union. Credit unions are small and local banks that are owned by member, therefore credit unions tend to have lower fees and more personal customer service model. This way, you will be able to get lower interest loan even your credit is poor. However, you need to become a member of the credit unions, make sure to open an account at credit union as you would be as any bank. Then, you will be able to apply for a loan, don’t forget to ask about your eligibility of loan and fill out the necessary paperwork.

The next method are getting cash advance, payday loan or tax refund loan. You can get tax refund loan or refund anticipation loan that will depend on your tax anticipated refund. You can simply contact a large tax preparation firm for a refund anticipation loans. The collateral of these refund are your tax return with interest rate of 10 percent or more. While the other options, cash advance or payday loan will provide you small amount of money that need to be repay on your next paycheck day. However, payday loan may charge you with high interest rate and also several hidden fees.

Best Flight Prices on Cyber Monday

I am riding with a friend to North Carolina for Thanksgiving, but he is going to be staying around for longer than I am and I will have to fly back home probably on Cyber Monday or the day after. I hope that travel costs are not too high during that time and I want to look for cyber monday 2015 flight sales to see if I can find a cheap price on a plane ticket for the day I am going to need to fly back. I am going to keep my fingers cross and hope that it does not cost too much, but it is near a holiday, so I am not expecting it to be all that cheap to fly on that day.

Either way, I am going to need to buy the ticket because I really want to see my family over Thanksgiving and spend that time with them.

Getting Ready to Move to Canada

A couple of weeks ago I started talking to my boss about moving to a town called Sudbury in Ontario Canada. It is a suburb of Toronto and he wants me to take over the number two spot at our office here. I have been up here to look around. I want to figure out if I shall be able to come out ahead. I have already noticed something which is different. I have a netflix account, but when I logged in up here I did not get USnetflix, instead I got the Canadian version, which had a whole lot of content for which I was not interested. In fact a lot of it was stuff that I had not ever heard of, things that were broadcast on Canadian TV.

Chinese Cinema Seen on Netflix

For a Chinese film class, I decided to analyze a film that was made in the 1950s. The film is a well known film that captures the feelings of the people from that era and used a lot of groundbreaking film techniques. I thought it was a great choice for a film project, but apparently Netflix in Canada didn’t think so, because they didn’t have the movie on their website. There were no copies of the movie at the local library, nor where there any on other streaming websites. The only way to watch the movie is through USNetflix.

The US version of Netflix had the movie available on their website, but I wasn’t able to get into their website normally, because it was only reachable by US residents. Whenever a Canadian user tries to enter the US website, they’re just sent back to the Canadian website. The only way to get inside of the US version is to have some kind of trick that gets around this. In my case, I used another website that used a backdoor technique to get pass the guard that was keeping Canadian users out. Once I got in, I started watching the movie and analyzing every bit of it.

I was able to create a lengthy 20 page paper out of my analysis of the movie. I also had to do a presentation on the movie, which lasted 5 minutes. My teacher was surprised that I was able to watch the movie, because she didn’t have access to it. After class, I told her about how I used a website to get into the US Netflix website, and she asked me if I could show her, so we could watch some of the other Chinese movies they have available in class some time.